Another black day in paradise.
A fine line between delight and agony has blurred along the way.
My work here is done, no choice but to move on
'Cause Iím torn, ripped and worn out.

Disenchanted with reality.
Having fun is just not fun enough no more, I canít breathe like before.
This lifeís a plastic bag, around my head itís wrapped
And Iím torn, ripped and worn out.

The status quo just has to go.
Like a square peg in a round hole, no matter how you ram I wonít fit in here.
Once and for all I close the door, I donít belong here anymore.
I turn the page and start a new chapter tonight.

An expression on a strangerís face brings back a memory of long ago
Something I used to know.
Now what I once called home resembles a war zone
And Iím torn, ripped and worn out.

On a blank page Iíll begin to write.
I wonít burn the older ones, Iíll leave them there to fill the storyline...

Winners never quit so keep on fighting.
Quitters never win so never give in.

Iíll smile if you torture me. Drown me and Iíll drain the sea.
Am I more than you can digest? Iím rolling with the punches.
Iíll strive to survive, this time I choose not to die.
Uncompromise. Sacrifice. Iíll never go down without a fight.

Punch me and Iíll punch you back. Blink once and I will attack.
Iíll carry on until my heart stops and giving up is not an option.
Taking pride in the fight. The mighty Duck will fly tonight.
The hall of fame calls my name, so who you gonna call when you wanna play?

No matter how deep chances lie thereís always hope while there is life.
We must put up with lots of shit but nothing must make us quit.