Struck by lightning, it came out of blue.
Iím not like this, so Iím blaming you.
My bodyís here but my mind is there.
I cannot sleep now Iím just too damn scared.

Thereís no way to solve this. I canít change my feelings.
Maybe some pills could numb them. Please let me go and leave me alone.

I know this will kill me, I canít live without it anyway.
Somehow it fills me with things I thought I could never find.
I must have lost my mind.

How come I enjoy this misery?
My best friend and my worst enemy.
It makes me cry but all I do is laugh.
I fucking hate this but I canít fight back.

I'm trapped, Iím wrestling myself.
Iím on my way to hell, will I come crashing down?
Too much is too much, but nothingís enough.

Heís fallen for her so blindly, she only uses him as a plan B.
She sleeps around with these John Does. He meekly waits for her at home.

Heís his own worst enemy. He lets her keep him down on his knees.
Heís so in love, she leads him on. Sheís a ticking bombÖ

How can he justify that itís alright to be pushed aside?
She keeps wiping her feet on him, Heís just a doormat with no self-esteem.
Heís blinded by her blue eyes. Heís only a consolation prize.

Heís a meager mouse, always cringing. He buys everything that she sells him.
She says sheíll love him till the end, behind his back she laughs with her best friend.

Heís blinded by love & lies. Heís only a consolation prize.

He canít see through her schemes.
Heís so in love, she leads him on. Sheís a ticking bombÖ

Welcome and hail your brand new king.
Adore and admire the next big thing.
I'm tired of being a face in the crowd.
I'm here to show you what Iím all about.
I'm not gonna stop when the light turns red.
Don't tell me I'm in over my head.
It will be greener on the other side.
I'll leave all these average days behind.

The grass dies back. Shattered dreams & hearts are broken in parts.
Why can't we be content with what weíve got? We're drowning in blood.
Second-hand souls are on sale tonight.
Suspects with no alibis trapped inside the cage of our lies.

"Get off the stage if you can't stand the heat!"
Well, I guess you're way out of my league.
I gave it all to be part of the scene, now I wish I could land on my feet.
Is this what I thought my life would be?
A forgotten B-grade comedy.
Funny how it never made me smile, and now I can't leave all this behind.

Mom and dad please don't hate me, it's way too late to save me.
I'm sorry, I screwed up.
And one more time the grass dies backÖ

Chased away, led astray. Our lives down the drain.
Are we submissively giving up the fight?
Iíve got no shoes, got no clues. My place in the sun fell through.
Iím in a tunnel but where the hell is the light?

Oh say can you see by the last blooming tree.
Our futureís tombstone stands despondently.

Deep despair in the air, 'Police Line' tape everywhere.
The rich get richer and the rest of us get killed.
Underneath my bare feet I feel insecurity.
If we donít make a difference who the fuck will?

Theatre of the absurd.
United our voices sing but weíre still not heard.
Are we the only ones concerned?

Give us at least a chance to rest in peace.

Youíre underground, youíre so real and true.
Your lies may fool yourself but Iím all on to you.
Youíre full of shit, you hypocrite, youíre nothing new.
So, take your daddyís plastic and fuck you.

Go kill yourself, Burn in hell.
If you think weíre friends youíd really better think again.
'Cause if I see you cross the street.
I wonít stop my car because I hate everything you are.

Hey blondie, stay the hell away from me.
Iím not a twat like you and I will never be.
Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do?
Save your preaches and fuck you too.

I hate you more than life itself and whatís moreÖ
You freak me out, so fuck you all.

Kicked out of high school. Broke, lost and uncool.
They all try to make a fool of you.
Most likely to fail and end up in jail
The only way for you to save the earth is to undo your birth.

Aims high, expectations low
Rated an underdog but every dog will have its day, so stay strong.
You're not the one who's wrong.

You're drifting, you're not alone. My destination's unknown.
I have an L tattooed on my forehead.
I'm hiding, I quit my job. My girlfriend says I'm fucked up.
I'm just like you, an antihero.

You're feeling left out. A worthless dropout.
No one seems to care about your views.
There's no one like you, no one to talk to.
You're so sick of being told to bend and be like them.

Black sheep, the finger points at you.
You're dead to your dad and your mom says you don't care, but you do.
You're misunderstood.