Kicked out of high school. Broke, lost and uncool.
They all try to make a fool of you.
Most likely to fail and end up in jail
The only way for you to save the earth is to undo your birth.

Aims high, expectations low
Rated an underdog but every dog will have its day, so stay strong.
You're not the one who's wrong.

You're drifting, you're not alone. My destination's unknown.
I have an L tattooed on my forehead.
I'm hiding, I quit my job. My girlfriend says I'm fucked up.
I'm just like you, an antihero.

You're feeling left out. A worthless dropout.
No one seems to care about your views.
There's no one like you, no one to talk to.
You're so sick of being told to bend and be like them.

Black sheep, the finger points at you.
You're dead to your dad and your mom says you don't care, but you do.
You're just misunderstood.

Once upon a time
A boy who led a fun, carefree life turned into a burnout loser.
In his younger days anxiety and frustration were far away.

The boy's afraid to grow up and as you may guess the boy is me.

At first everything was fine, I wish I was still four.
Now my life is rearranged, I haven't been this fucked before.
I wonder why all these pressures have had to drop on me
I was better off without responsibilities.

All my friends are gone
So are all the dreams I had when I still thought life's not so bad.
An old picture of me keeps reminding me of how I used to be.

All the time I'm getting older, I don't wanna lose my youth.

Nothing will be the same. It makes me go so insane.
I'm becoming a man, I wish I was Peter Pan

Life has let me down.
I remember how we played for hours with our action figures.
Now simplicity is replaced by high demands. I'm history...

Take control of your life and have no fear. You won't get another chance to be down here.
Don't let anyone tell you what to do now. It's your life and you must never ever bow down.

Life's too short to be wasted. Don't say ďNoĒ before you taste it.
Have some fun. Be your own boss.
Do what you want. There's no need to rush

Lead the way and they're all gonna follow. Live every day like there is no tomorrow.
Have a blast and enjoy all the best things. In the grave you'll have a lot of time for resting.

Light your schoolbooks on fire `cause tonight we're going out.
Young, rebellious hellions, that's what we're all about

No one can bring us down
We're having the time of our lives right now.
We're never gonna bow
Here we go now. Here we go now

Hide under your bed
Roll over, play dead
We'll paint the town red

A night without a girl is nothing but a flop.
Enjoy your days of youth when you still can get it up.

Nothing will bring us down
We're having the time of our lives right now.
We're gonna show you how
Here we go now. Here we go now...

I sit around in misery watching reruns on TV, and getting smashed because of apathy.
Itís a friend of boring days. Itís another passing phase that forgot to pass.
Itís apathy.

Iím tired of this shit, my brain falls asleep.

Apathy is rain, the rain that brings the pain.
Apathy is rain in my brain
It makes me go insane.

Do you ever watch ballet just to spend another day?
Youíre swaying on the verge of apathy
Have you ever walked away when youíve seen a drunk in pain?
You just donít care at all
Thatís apathy.

Youíre tired of this shit, your brain falls asleep.

Apathy is rain, the rain that brings the pain.
Apathy is rain in your brain
It makes you go insane.